Attention! Something horrible is happening right now at the detention center of Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau

July 12, 2016
  From all the supporters of the inmates housed at Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau

Something horrible is happening right now at the detention center of Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau.
We strongly ask you to protest against Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau and the Ministry of Justice.

Since June 23, an Iranian man, who had been subjected to torture, has been on a hunger strike.
For two straight days he was confined in a windowless concrete-walled room with the light and a surveillance camera con Urgent request for protest action stantly on.
There he had to drink water crawling like a dog as the water flows in the narrow gutter of the filthy floor.
This was all ordered by the chief of Osaka Immigration Control Bureau.
The Iranian man said to the chief, “I am not a dog. I demand an apology. And answer me. Am I a human or a dog”?
13 other male inmates agreed with him and have been on a hunger strike from July 4 or 6.

Those 14 inmates have been on the hunger strike saying, “We can’t get out of here until we are dead. Stop this unlimited detention. Allow the sick people to receive treatment."
They claimed this as they were told that they would not leave the detention house even in a few years’ time.
The authorities treated them cruelly, not permitting the inmate likely to relapse a brain infarction to see a doctor.
Some inmates have been in the process of applying for asylum.
Others have already filed a lawsuit.

The latest information we obtained was the following:
the hunger strikers have been confined into rooms except when they are allowed to take a shower twice a week (2 hours in total).
They have been isolated not being able to see or call their supporters and their families.
The authorities even threatened that they would not allow them to see their lawyer.
Also, we learned that one of the hunger strikers was taken to a hospital by ambulance.
Inmates, who have not been part of the hunger strike said, “It is like a concentration camp in a country under a dictatorial regime.Everyone, please save us. Please support us.”

In this free and democratic country, the hunger strikers have been barbarically ruled by authorities with an iron fist.
This is what a dictatorial regime does.
We supporters have been prohibited from seeing the hunger strikers and have been unable to confirm their safety.
We are extremely concerned. If this tough situation continues, the hunger strikers will likely fall ill one after another.

People of good sense! Please make the following protests against Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau and Immigration Bureau of Japan.

・Stop long-term confinement
・Allow sick people to receive treatment
・Allow us to see the hunger strikers
・Stop isolated confinement in a detention room

Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau Tel. 06-4703-2100
Immigration Bureau of Japan Tel. 03-3580-4111 Fax. 03-5511-7212

Attention! Something horrible is happening right now at the detention center of Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau.【PDF】


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